New Leadership for a Brighter Future
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Lets talk GAP -  goals, assumptions and policies

My Manifesto

For the past two decades, human and socio-economic developments in Pujehun District had not been paramount on the priority agenda of the current leadership but we will not concern ourselves with past priorities. Presently, we stand in one accord to demonstrate that through collective action the comprehensive and transformative development of all sectors of Constituency 103, Pujehun District will be a reality achieved through sustainable Community Partnership. The potential promise of Pujehun deserves A New Leadership for a Brighter Future to ensure the cultivation and nurturing of an enabling environment for the implantation of the following proposed actions:

1. Good Governance & Civic Involvement: Our democracy is guided by a constitution and as public servants, we have a sworn duty to recognize, acknowledge and discharge our duties. We affirm that every citizen is a stakeholder to the governing laws, and are entitled to function under the tenets of Unity, Freedom and Justice. We will work to create job opportunities that will afford sustainable economic growth and development.

2. Capacity Building: There is evidence that our nation is challenged by inadequate professional capacity to fill vacancies. We will make concerted efforts to limit the amount of expatriates that occupy positions that can be filled by the untapped Sierra Leonean human resources. Through an aggressive educational reform campaign, we will work in partnership with partners and stakeholders to design and implement steps that will begin to bridge the resource gap caused by the proverbial brain drain. Particular focus will be given to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Mathematics) to ensure the creations of an equipped and competitive work force.

3. Accountability, Responsibility & Transparency: As public servants, we are obligated to inform the citizens of actions that impact their lives and livelihood; as such, we will promptly identify and rectify any missteps that infringe upon the rule of law and/or threatens the culture of Good Governance and Civic Involvement. We will establish mechanisms that encourage citizen engagement in all relevant matters.

4. Commonsense Legislature for Investment Opportunities: Our nation is endowed with natural resources but the rightful beneficiaries have yet to fully appreciate the revenues generated from their exploration. The Sierra Leonean citizenry must be well-represented during negotiations with foreign investors; as such, we will design, introduce, implement and enforce legislature that protects the potential revenue from the exploration of the nation’s natural resources.

5. Culture of Maintenance: We have not done a good job with the nation’s infrastructure. Health facilities, Roads, Bridges, Waterways, Energy and Power have not received focused attention since their construction – this neglect (government and civic) has impacted the socio-economic environment of the nation. We will introduce strategic and tactical plans to ensure the proper maintenance of nation’s infrastructure to ensure longevity and sustainability.

6. Gender Inclusion: Our nation is rich in cultural and traditional beliefs, which often marginalizes approximately 60% of the nation’s population. We will establish an inclusive climate that gives due deference to the established norms but aggressively promotes Youth and Gender Empowerment in education, entrepreneurship, and community partnership.

7. Fiscal Responsibility: The current legislatures that endears loss of tax revenues to expatriate communities, inequitable foreign investments and tax holidays, all subject the people to insurmountable foreign debt. We will design, negotiate, implement and enact legislature that will ensure foreign debt reduction and reliance on the loan conditions of international financial institutions.

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